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Over 2.5 billion images are stolen from websites every day.

These images are used and sold on merchandise around the world. The original artists receive $0 from these sales.

The universal ArtDefend website plugin automatically prevents hackers from stealing the images on your site.

Prevents right-click on webpage

By right-clicking with a mouse on a webpage, a user can save and download an image or open the image in a new tab. We can disable that functionality all-together.

Detects code inspection

A hacker can inspect the code on any webpage and steal things like paths to images. We can watch for that activity and prevent code inspection.

Places image watermarks

Overlay transparent watermarks to all or some images on the website.

Prevents screenshots

If a thieve can't save an image, they could try screenshotting it on the page. We can detect once the focus of a user leaves webpage and then block it with an overlay.

Adds a copyright notice

Communicate with all users that your intellectual property is yours alone without proper payment or agreements. We'll help you place it on your website.

Warns users

If we notice deliberate activity to steal your images, we can deliver custom messages to the user's screen reminding them of possible payment solutions.

Turns away users with JavaScript disabled

Users might try to alter their browser's settings to get around our software. But we can set up a redirect to turn away users who try to do this.

Blocks users

If designated, we can block users who attempt to steal your property for a period of time or indefinitely.

Saves data for reporting

We'll save and log user activity on your site (related to these illegal activities) for your review and our ability to provide better supporting software.

Sends notifications

If enabled, you can receive alerts to your email account whenever new attacks on your site are prevented and users are blocked.

Further prevention

We'll share other advanced steps that you can take on your own to prevent theft of your photography or artwork.

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